Star Wars Death Star Birthday Cake Tutorial

Star Wars Death Star Birthday Cake Tutorial

Star Wars CakeMy son turned 8 recently. I made him a Death Star Birthday Cake for his Lego Star Wars themed birthday party. It was a huge hit and a lot of fun to make. Below is the step by step so you can make one of your very own. May the force be with you!

Star Wars Cake TutorialI made up two basic chocolate cake mixes. The first one I baked in a rectangular baking pan. The second one I baked in a glass Pyrex bowl. I’d never done this before so I was a bit worried about it’s success. After reading up on the baking technique I noticed a lot of people mentioned putting a rose pin (used for making roses out of icing) in the centre of the cake to help it cook more evenly. I didn’t have a rose pin but I did have some metal skewers. I covered them in margarine and inserted three of them into the centre of the cake batter. I also greased and floured the Pyrex bowl so that the cake would hopefully come out easier. It did!

Baking in a Pyrex BowlAbove is a picture of what the cake looked like after it was baked. I let the cake cool down for a few minutes and then I carefully slide the skewers out of the cake. They came out easily! I then froze both cakes in the freezer over night.

Cake Decorating TipsThe next day I started out by making up a batch of white butter cream icing (recipe coming soon!). I really wanted my cake to be grey of course but I’d made the mistake of using black gel dye before and it made the icing taste aweful! I really didn’t want that to happen again. I found this tube of black decorating icing at Michaels and decided to use it to tint my icing. It worked great and more importantly it tasted great too! Success! I put about 6 squeezes in, mixing between each one till I got the colour I was looking for. The colour actually still seemed a bit light but after it dried it was perfect!!!

Star Wars Cake TutorialAfter the icing was made I got both cakes out of the freezer. I cut off roughly 1.5 inches from the long side of the rectangular sheet cake. I moved it over to the other side and this gave me a rough square shape for the base of my cake. I then turned the dome Pyrex cake upside down and placed it on top. Using the dome as a guide I carefully cut into the sheet cake underneath making it appear round as well.

Once I was happy with the overall shape I gave the cake a crumb coat with some icing. I let it sit for a bit and then added the rest of the icing on top carefully filling in all the holes and eventually turning it into a perfect half round dome shape (see below).

Pyrex Bowl CakeOnce I was happy with the over all shape of the cake I took tooth pics and started drawing where I wanted my black lines to go. I forgot to take a picture of the end result of my drawing but you can see where I started in the picture above.

Black Icing PipingOnce I had all my lines drawn out where I wanted them I grabbed the same black icing tube that I used to dye the butter cream icing. The great thing about these tubes is that you can attach a standard cake tip to the end with a white plastic collar and instantly you can start piping your icing onto your cake! I love this! You can use any cake tip you want! I’ll definitely be doing this again. Once I had my cake tip in place I started carefully following along all the lines I’d drawn. The trick here is to squeeze the tube steadily and do not touch the cake with the cake tip. Just hold it slightly above the cake and as you move along a nice uniform line of icing will be left (depending on how steady a hand you have).Lego Star Wars PartyHere’s the end result! I found these mini Lego Star Wars figures at the toy store. I got my son to put them together and when he was done I set them onto the cake. I had to use a tooth pick to keep the X-Wing from falling off but other than that it worked great!

8 year old star wars birthday cakeThis cake turned out exactly how I pictured it in my head which made me so happy and as a result I made a certain 8 year old boy very happy too.

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