Reindeer Christmas Cookies

Reindeer Christmas Cookies

Every year I like to make a fun Christmas treat for my kids and to give out to friends and neighbours. A couple of years ago I made Reindeer Christmas Cookies and they were a huge hit! They’re relatively simple to make too which is always a plus!

Reindeer Christmas Cookie TutorialSupplies:
Maple Cookies
Pretzel Twists
Candy Eye Balls
Smarties (red and brown)
Royal Icing (I found a recipe online)
Sticks (the flatter the better)
Lollipop Bags with twist ties
Reindeer Christmas Cookie TutorialStep 1: very carefully insert the sticks (I used popsicle sticks) into the Maple cookies making sure that the cookies are still sandwiched together.

Step 2: using the royal icing adhere a Smartie nose and 2 candy eye balls onto each cookie. You can use brown Smarties for regular reindeer and red Smarties for Rudolph if you’d like. The candy eye balls can be purchased at Michaels Craft Store.

Reindeer Christmas Cookie TutorialStep 3: break up the pretzel twists into pieces creating antlers. This part is a bit tricky as they don’t always break the way you want them too. Just keep at it!

Step 4: add some royal icing to the top of each cookie and then place the Maple cookie onto a cookie sheet. Carefully place two pretzel pieces into the icing laying them against the cookie sheet for support as they dry.

Reindeer Christmas Cookie TutorialThat’s it! You’re done. Make as many as you’d like and line them all up to dry fully. Once they’re dry they’re ready to be enjoyed!

Reindeer Christmas Cookie TutorialFor gift giving I packaged the Reindeer Christmas Cookies into a clear lollipop bags that I got at Michaels. The bags came with gold twist ties which  I twisted to the side. Maybe it’s just me but I kind of think the twist tie looks like the reindeers scarf!

For another easy gift giving recipe check out my Chewy Ginger Cookie Recipe.

Crafted By Lindy

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