How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle Brush Trees are so much fun. I love the vibrant, untraditional colours. The only problem is that the fun, bright colours are hard to come by. After seeing a few tutorials online my friend and I decided to try making our own. Below is the techniques we used and what we liked best. This tutorial is very easy but very messy. Make sure to wear gloves or be okay with having black hands afterwards.

Supply List:
– Lemax Bottle Brush Trees (they usually come in packs of 21 in 4 different sizes)
– Bleach
– Food Colouring
– Travel Sized Spray Bottles
– Paper Towel
How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees with food colouringFirst of all you’ll need a package of Lemax Bottle Brush Trees. They must be Lemax as this is the only brand that will bleach the green colour out of them. They have ugly white bases on them but they come off easily so if you’re ambitious you could make new bases for them easily.

How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees with food colouringTake your trees and submerge them in bleach. Almost right away you’ll see the colour start to come off. You can either leave the trees alone for a bit to do their thing or you can poke them and move them around with a pair of tongs. The longer you leave the trees in the bleach the whiter they’ll get. It only takes a few minutes for the colour to bleach out.

How to Dye Bottle Brush TreesOnce you’ve bleached the colour out of the Bottle Brush Trees you have two options…….

You can run the trees through water to get all the bleach out. At this point you can also pick all the fake snow off the trees if you don’t want it OR you leave the bleach in the trees but just a note of caution, it is possible that your trees could fade slightly over time.

Put your trees onto some paper towel and let them dry overnight.

How to Dye Bottle Brush TreesWhen you’re ready to dye your trees you simply put food colouring into the spray bottles. You can use straight food colouring or you can add water to lighten a colour. You won’t need very much. This step is really about experimenting. Try out all sorts of colours. Lime green can be made with lots of yellow and just a few drops of green. Different shades of purple can be made by adding different amounts of red and blue food coloring. Pink can be made by simply adding a bit of water to red food colouring. Play around till you get the colour you’d like. Once you’ve mixed some food colouring together spray a little onto a piece of paper towel to make sure it’s the colour you’d like. It’s best to spray the paper towel over and over till you get the right colour because once the tree has been sprayed you won’t be able to chance the colour till you bleach the tree white again.

How to Dye Bottle Brush TreesOnce your colour has been mixed and you’re ready to spray your trees using a piece of paper towel grab the base of the tree and hold the tree upside down. This way your hand doesn’t get sprayed because the paper towel will catch the over spray and you’ll be able to hold the spray bottle upright so that it’ll work properly. Then go nuts and squeal in delight as you watch them change colour! Seriously it’s so fun! It doesn’t take very much food colouring at all. Just keep rotating your tree till it’s completely covered. Then place your trees onto some paper towel and let them dry overnight.

How to Dye Bottle Brush TreesThere are hundreds of different colour combinations. You can make a rainbow like the ones I have or you can use a colour combination that will match your existing holiday decor. The possibilities are endless!

How to Dye Bottle Brush TreesOnce your trees have dried you can display them in many different ways. I have mine on a shelf in my front entry.

How to Dye Bottle Brush TreesOr you can make winter scenes for additional Christmas decorations or to give as gifts!

How to Dye Bottle Brush TreesYou could even mail some to a friend! How fun would it be to get this bright little package in the mail?!

This is an easy Christmas craft project that can add a lot of fun and colour to you Christmas decor this year!

If you make some please share a picture with me on Instagram, @craftedbylindy.

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