Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

Valentine’s Day is the punniest of all holidays that’s for sure and I’m hopping on the cuteness bandwagon with these free printable Valentine’s Day tags! You Are Soda Licious!

Pop, a.k.a. soda, is one of my favourite sweet treats. I would choose it over candy, baked goods, pretty much anything. While Coke is my flavour of choice I also love a Shirley Temple made with Sprite and a bit of Cherry Grenadine. It reminds me of Mexico instantly (yes I order Shirley Temples in Mexico, laugh all you want!).

To go along with my favourite drink of choice I made these fun free printable Valentine’s Day tags that say “You Are Soda Licious”. For a limited time you can download the file here which includes 4 tags and 1 matching card. As all the shipping deadlines in my shop have passed for Valentines Day, I’ll be offering this as a free download till Feb. 14th. After that only the tags will be available for download as the card will be listed in my shop.

For the tags you can punch a 1″ hole using a hole punch and then cut a slit in the top part of the circle. This will allow for the tag to slip over the bottle (note: I used mini bottles). You can also use a traditional hole punch and use string or ribbon to attach the tag to whatever you choose! Have fun with it!

Free Printable Valentines Card and Tags Free Printable Valentines Card and Tags

Crafted By Lindy

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